Andi Lassos Trouble

Andi Lassos Trouble is the third Stepping Stones book. Rodeos are heaps of fun. I attended the Omak Stampede, which ends with a herd of horses and their riders plunging down a steep bank into the Omak River during the world-famous "Suicide Race."

Andi Lassos Trouble is all about an old-time rodeo. Here's a quick history of the rodeo.

Rodeos played an important part of ranching life in the Old West. California passed a law in 1851that required every rancher to hold at least one rodeo a year. Did the state want ranchers to create fun cowboy competitions?

Not at all. The rodeo was not a sporting event in the 1800s like it is today. The rodeo law was meant to encourage ranchers to meet for the purpose of separating their cattle and horses. During these roundups, the livestock were examined, divided up, and branded.

In addition to dealing with so many mixed-up cattle, the Spanish vaqueros showed off their amazing horsemanship. They chose the wildest broncos to break. They rode bulls and roped calves. Wealthy ranchers and all their attendants showed up and stayed for the unlimited hospitality offered.

Ranch versus ranch cowboy contests gradually sprang up. Bronc riding, bull riding, and roping contests later began to appear at racetracks and fairs.

Buffalo Bill Cody created the first rodeo for sport in 1882, along with his famous Wild West show. Others followed Cody’s example, and the professional rodeo was born. However, the word rodeo was hardly ever used for this American cowboy sport.

Early rodeos were a mishmash of events that could last all day. Not only might they include bronc riding and calf roping, but also Pony Express races, nightshirt races, and even a football game! Trick riding and fancy roping were also popular. The cowboys did not know the events offered or the rules until they paid their entry fees.

Today’s professional rodeo is organized, and everybody follows the same rules. It includes five events: calf roping, bareback and saddle bronc riding, bull riding, and steer wrestling. They also have the option to include steer roping and team roping.

This cowboy sport today goes by different names: rodeo, roundup, stampede, or frontier days. Whatever its name, a rodeo is a great way to go back in time and glimpse the life of an Old West cowboy.

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THE CHARACTERS There are no new characters in Andi Lassos Trouble. 

THE SETTING Real-life rodeos from the past and the present. Enjoy!

BEHIND THE SCENES  Cover fun for the Andi Lassos Trouble story. See how a porch railing, a California fence, a palomino, and PhotoShop created the cover. Look at the cover flat and discover how I made the back cover picture using a horse, a railing, and PhotoShop.

THE SNIPPET I don't have any story snippets for Andi Lassos Trouble, but when I write one I will add it here.


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