Andrea Carter and the Trouble with Treasure

I wrote the original story back in 2000. I think it might have even started out as first person, but I quickly changed it. Those were the days when I had a whole bunch of stories in various stages. I would get to a "good" part and then I didn't know what to write next. So I could pick whichever story I felt like writing and work on it. Those were the days of no pressure, no stress, but just Andi, her family, and me hanging out in the Old West. This story started out as a "What if Mitch and Andi were on a mountain trek and Mitch got shot?" How could Andi save his life? It was a story with only two main characters for most of the story: Andi and Mitch. Then, only Andi. It's hard to carry a story with only one character, like the boy in Hatchet, who's stranded. So that is the reason I added more characters--Jenny and Cory--to give Andi somebody to talk to besides herself. I like it, but honestly--my heart is in the original. You can read it (if you never have) by clicking the Snippet below. 

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THE CHARACTERS We've met most of the characters in Trouble with Treasure except a few. Take a peek and see what they look like. See a couple of unusual characters as well.

THE SETTING The water trough, jail, the Sierras, and the cabin where they are stranded for a couple of weeks. Have fun visualizing!

BEHIND THE SCENES  Not our best effort. The poses were great, but the lighting was horrendous! Too bad too. Some of the pictures of Andi and Cory are really nice.

THE SNIPPET Andrea Carter and the Trouble at the Lineshack. This is not a short story. This is a full-blown original "lost story." I was thrilled to find it and post it a number of months ago for those who want the real thing, the story before a publisher got hold of it. The way I really saw the story.


  1. Oh, wow, oh, wow!! This has got to be one of my top favorites of your "Behind the Scenes" posts. It's wonderful! Such exceptional pictures and information. I love TWT (I think it's my 2nd favorite CCA book). Thanks so much for this terrific post!


  2. These are so cool! Thank you so much for all the work you put into this. I love seeing the pictures of the characters and settings.

  3. So cool! Man! I love the pictures! 😀 It’s so much fun! Thank you Mrs. Marlow! 🤗